Purple Heart Knife and Cutting Board Set

Regular price $220.00

This set is the perfect addition to any kitchen! With this matching cutting board and kitchen knife set, you'll have the tools to tackle any recipe in your home!

The cutting board is made with Walnut, Cherry, Padauk and Purple Heart, measuring at 16.5" by 10" by 1". 

This Santoku chef's knife is forged in Japan, and made of 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Steel. The handle is handcrafted out of Purple Heart, for a special homemade feeling. The blade measures 4-3/4", with the overall knife length measuring 9-5/16". Excellent for slicing and downward cuts, this knife will be your first choice for all your cooking needs. 


  • Unique woodgrains from the four different hardwoods used to craft this cutting board
  • Handcrafted wooden handle
  • Cutting board measures 16.5 by 10" by 1"
  • Stabilized knife handle, to improve long-lasting durability